Heart Healthy Livingsm

The key to improving your health when you have heart disease is to understand what's happening and what you can do to reduce your number of sick days. Molina Healthcare wants to help you with this. The Heart Healthy Livingsm program will help teach you how to manage your heart disease. If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure, heart failure, or heart disease, you can be part of this program.

As a program member you will receive:
  • Newsletters
  • A magnet with our 24-hour nurse advice line number
  • Educational materials about heart disease, staying healthy, and things to be sure to tell your doctor
  • Important healthcare tips

At Molina Healthcare, we are committed to helping you manage your heart disease and being part of your care team. We work with your primary care provider to make sure you get information to help you.

You can get more details about this program by calling Health Education at 1-866-449-6849 Ext. 203661.