Myth vs. Fact


Knowing myth vs. fact

Knowing the facts about the flu can help you stay healthy this flu season.

Myth: The flu vaccine (shot) can give you the flu.
Fact: You cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine (shot).

Myth: The flu is a mild illness.
Fact: The flu can make you very sick. A mild viral illness, such as a cold, can be confused with the flu. The flu is serious.

Myth: I got the flu vaccine (shot) last year. I don't need it again this year.
Fact: You need to get the flu vaccine (shot) every year. Flu virus strains often change from year to year. The flu vaccine (shot) is made to work against the predicted strains for that season.

Myth: The flu vaccine (shot) only works if I get it during October or November.
Fact: The flu vaccine (shot) protects you from the flu as long as the flu viruses are out there. Flu season can last as late as May. It is recommended that you get the flu vaccine (shot) as soon as it is available in the fall. It will last throughout the year.