Frequently Asked Questions

What is Healthy Connections Prime?
It's a program to provide better, coordinated health care for people with both Medicare and Medicaid, often called dual eligible or duals. Plans that participate in Healthy Connections Prime are called Medicare-Medicaid Plans.

Why join a Medicare-Medicaid Plan?
By combining the two, you get Medicare and Healthy Connections Medicaid services plus prescription drugs in one plan. To make it even easier, a care coordinator and care team works with you to ensure you get all the services you need.

Why join Molina Dual Options?
We understand that your health and well-being is what matters the most. By coordinating all your Medicare and Healthy Connections Prime Medicaid benefits under one plan, Molina Dual Options offers health care focused on your unique needs. 

This means you create your care team. Doctors, nurses, a care coordinator and other health professionals will be ready to provide the care you need, all under one plan. And that means one Member ID for both Medicare and Healthy Connections Medicaid benefits. You don't pay extra to join.

Plus, Molina has over 35 years of experience working closely with our members and communities, providing high quality health care you need and deserve.

What benefits and services will be available?
A plan like Molina Dual Options combines and coordinates all your Medicare and Healthy Connections Medicaid benefits in one single health plan.

All Medicare benefits under:

  • Part A - Hospital
  • Part B - Medical
  • Part D - Prescription Drugs



Can I keep my current doctor and other care providers?
We know it's important to you to keep receiving care without interruption. That's why we work with you and your doctors to make sure you get what you need. As a new member, you may continue seeing physicians or receiving services that were already authorized for 180 days from your time of enrollment with Healthy Connections Prime. During this time period, you will continue to have access to the same medically necessary items, services, and prescription drugs as you do today. If your current provider agrees to work with Molina, you may continue seeing them. If your current provider is unable to work with Molina, we have many doctors and other providers to choose from that are in our network already. After 180 days in our plan, you will need to use doctors and providers within the Molina network. We can help you transition to a network provider in less than 180 days once we have completed your comprehensive assessment, developed a transition plan, and if you agree.

Check out the eligibility criteria on the Am I Eligible? section.

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