Ready to get rewards with Molina Healthcare of South Carolina? Here's how!

As a Molina Healthcare of South Carolina member, you get what's covered under the Healthy Connections program and more! To learn more about extra free benefits, go to

Molina cares about your health, and we want you to make the most of your membership. Molina rewards members who make healthy choices. We also provide resources and products based on what you need to lead a healthy life.

Below you'll find information about redeeming some of our most popular member benefits for South Carolina members.

Reward or benefit How to redeem What to know
Free electric breast pump for qualifying pregnant members Get your pump by following these 3 simple steps: HERE Breast pumps are provided by Aeroflow. To get a breast pump:
1. Molina must be your primary insurance, and
2. You must not have received a breast pump from Medicaid before.
Community events with extra benefits for members Follow Molina's South Carolina Facebook page at to find events near you! Be sure to check out all our social media pages. Click HERE for more information.
Get a Handle on Health - A $150 Walmart gift card to purchase a bike and helmet after completing your 8, 9, or 10 year old well visit** Visit or call (833) 982-1452, (TTY: 711). Must complete the well visit as an active member during the year of turning 8, 9, or 10 years old. Gift card fulfillment is typically 6-8 weeks.
Free car seat program for eligible members who complete 6 prenatal visits* Complete 6 prenatal visits with your provider. Then, email the following information to Molina's Member Engagement team at
  • Member first and last name
  • Member physical mailing address
  • Member phone number
  • Member Molina ID #
Be sure to use "Car Seat" as your email subject line.
You must be a Molina member during the time of your prenatal visits. Car seat type may vary.
Manage your health care anytime, anywhere with our My Molina mobile app Download the free My Molina mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more information, click HERE.
Mom's Meals – Home-delivered meals for pregnant and postpartum mothers who complete a telephonic health screening Pregnant mothers can sign up for Mom's Meals by calling (866) 891-2320 (press 1) and completing the telephonic health screening. Afterward, go to and complete the form. Up to 3 weeks of meals.

*Keep an eye out for mailers from us with instructions on how to redeem rewards.

** One per lifetime benefit. Benefit must be redeemed within 365 days of completed well visit with your doctor.

Please see your Member Handbook and learn more about the benefits Molina offers. It can be found HERE.

Any Questions?

If you are a Molina member, please call Member Services at (855) 882-3901, (TTY: 711).

To find out if you can become a Molina member, call Healthy Connections Choices at (877) 552-4642, (TTY: (877) 552-4670).