Medi-Cal Renewals

Centers for Medicare & Medi-Cal Services (CMS) has provided guidance that State Medi-Cal agencies must resume redetermination activities between February 1 and April 1, 2023.

Given this news, it is imperative that we help our Medi-Cal members renew their Medi-Cal benefits, so they don’t lose their health coverage and continue to receive uninterrupted care. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and other valuable resources to help educate your patients on the importance of updating their contact information and renewing their Medi-Cal coverage.

Member Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When Medi-Cal redeterminations resume, most Medi-Cal recipients will need to go through a redetermination, or renewal, process to keep their Medi-Cal eligibility and benefits. We need your help to ensure your Medi-Cal patients don’t lose coverage. Below are answers to some common questions that might help guide your patients through this process.

Q: When will the normal Medi-Cal enrollment and renewal process resume?

A: CMS has provided guidance that State Medi-Cal agencies must resume redetermination activities between February 1 and April 1, 2023.  Each state Medi-Cal agency must submit their Renewal Redistribution Plan and system readiness artifacts to CMS by 2/15/23.  CA won’t take any adverse action to cancel or reduce coverage for individuals without completing a full benefit renewal.


Q: What can individuals do now to prepare?

A: First and foremost, all Medi-Cal recipients should make sure their contact information, including their mailing address and phone number(s) are up to date with their state to ensure they receive important notices about the renewal process.

Learn how our members can update their contact information with the state and Molina online at:

Ask our members, your patients, to make sure they keep an eye out for information and notices about their coverage and renewal process and respond quickly to any instructions they receive.

Learn more about the renewal process for members and the assistance available to them online at:

Individuals and providers with questions can learn more by visiting: Home | BenefitsCal. Together, we benefit.


Q: What happens if an individual is no longer eligible for Medi-Cal and loses coverage?

A: If an individual no longer qualifies for Medi-Cal coverage they will get:

  • A notice in the mail with the date their Medi-Cal coverage will end
  • Information on how to file an appeal, if they think the decision to cancel their coverage was incorrect.


Q: What are some other choices for health coverage if an individual no longer qualifies for Medi-Cal?

A: Individuals should contact their state Medi-Cal agency to see what other options are available. If a member no longer qualifies for Medi-Cal, they might be eligible for a Marketplace or Medicare health plan.

To learn more about our Marketplace health plans, please visit: or call 844-802-7472.

To learn more about our Medicare health plans, please visit: or call 866-403-8293.


Q: How can I get more information about the restart of the redetermination process?

A: Please contact your Provider Services Representative if you have any questions or would like more information.

Medi-Cal members can visit: or call us at (866) 916-0920> (TTY: 711).]