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Created especially for Molina Healthcare of Idaho Medicaid Plus members. This important health news can help keep you and your family healthy.

Member Newsletters

Fall 2021: Member Newsletter

Top stories in this issue:

  • A message from Molina Healthcare of Idaho leadership
  • Tools to control your health care
  • Every member has a team of health advocates in their corner
  • What is a Medicare Medicaid Coordinated Plan (MMCP) and why would you want one?
  • One Molina Healthcare employee's journey to better health
  • Don't ignore it. Report it. A guide for noticing the signs of abuse of the elderly and people with disabilities

Fall 2020: Member Newsletter

Top stories in this issue:

  • How to manage your blood pressure
  • We're proud to support the communities we serve
  • Molina Healthcare is here to make good health easy
  • The way back to hope: A True Molina Story

Spring 2022: A Guide to Getting Quality Health Care

Spring 2021: A Guide to Accessing Quality Health Care