Teen Smoking or Vaping: Tips for Parents

Many people who smoke start when they are teenagers. It is important for parents to help their teens avoid getting hooked before smoking or vaping becomes a lifelong problem.

1. If you smoke, quit.

Teens whose parents smoke are more likely to smoke themselves. If you need help quitting, ask your doctor, learn more about Molina Healthcare’s stop smoking program or call the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line toll-free any time at (800) 784-8669 for help. You can get personal quit coaching and telephone counseling at no cost to you. Call or visit ohio.quitlogix.org to enroll today.

2. Tell them no.

Even if they don’t listen, it’s important for your teenager to hear you say that smoking and vaping are not allowed.

3. It’s not just about cigarettes.

There are many different ways your teen may start smoking, including vaping, electronic cigarettes, clove cigarettes, water pipes and more. While these other methods may be less harmful, they still have their own health risks. Plus, many still contain nicotine.

4. Watch out for peer pressure.

It will happen, and you can give your teen the tools they need to say “No.” Practice what to say when your teen is in social situations that could turn awkward.

5. Appeal to vanity.

Let your teen know that smoking will cause their breath, clothes and hair to smell. It also turns fingers and teeth yellow!

6. Explain the costs.

The potential health costs of smoking are significant. Smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes complications and other chronic conditions. It can also cost a lot of money. Break out the calculator and help your teen understand how expensive smoking is.

7. Make it personal.

Bad things don’t just happen to other people. Tell your teen about family members, friends or even celebrities who have had health issues from smoking.

My Life, My Quit

This stop tobacco program is designed just for teens. There are 3 ways to join: