‚ÄčIntegrated Delivery System

Integrating the delivery of behavioral and physical health care is essential in improving the overall health of members. From a member perspective, this approach improves individual health outcomes, enhances care coordination, and increases member satisfaction. From a system perspective, it increases efficiency, reduces administrative burden, and fosters transparency and accountability. 

Coordinating and integrating care is expected to produce improved access to primary care services, increased prevention, early identification, and intervention to reduce the incidence of serious physical illnesses, including chronic disease. Increasing and promoting the availability of integrated, whole person care for members with chronic behavioral and physical health conditions will help members achieve better overall health and an improved quality of life.

Molina Complete Care recognizes the value to optimizing integration and we consider the behavioral health and physical health care needs of members in our network design and clinical operations.  Molina Complete Care strives to improve the member’s experience of care and individual health comes while considering the right care, at the right time, and right place.  For information on provider toolkits and resources, visit our Behavioral Health Toolkit