Thank you for joining Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio!

Welcome to the Molina Healthcare family. As a member of Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio, you are getting all the benefits of a health plan that coordinates your Medicare and Medicaid benefits, including:


  • You pay $0 cost for 30 one-way rides each year to plan approved appointments. You also have $0 co-pays for all prescription drugs.
  • You’ll get $60 every quarter to spend on over-the-counter (OTC) items you need. If you do not use all $60 in a quarter, any unused amount will carry over quarter to quarter through the end of the year. Shipping will not cost you anything. Click here to start ordering.
  • You can visit centers, like gyms and yoga studios. You pay nothing to use as many locations as you choose or get at-home fitness options instead.
  • You get complete vision and dental care from Molina Dual Options​ Mycare Ohio.
  • You need only one ID card to get both your Medicare and Medicaid benefits. You have one toll-free Member Services phone number to call for anything you need.
  • You have your own Molina Care Manager to coordinate your care. That means your Care Manager will connect you to your doctors, nurses, and other caregivers. Your Care Manager will make sure everyone is following your personal care plan.
  • You are placed at the center of your own care. As we create your individual care plan, your voice is the most important.
  • You benefit from the experience of a health plan founded by a doctor. Molina has been taking care of seniors, people with disabilities, and families for more than 30 years.
  • You don't pay extra to join Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio.


For more information on Medicare and Medicaid benefits, please visit the Summary of Benefits.

Here is what happens next.

Member materials
You should receive your Member Handbook and Member ID Card on or before your effective date with Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio. If you do not receive these materials, call Member Services.

Welcome phone call
Shortly after you join Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio, we will call you to welcome you to our family. We will answer any questions you may have and help you get access to the care you need.

Transition of care
If you had health care services scheduled before joining Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio, it is important that you call Member Services today or as soon as possible. We will help you get the care you need with your new plan. For a time after you join Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio, you may be able to continue to receive care from a provider that is not in our provider network. This is called transition of care. Transition of care is important to ensure a smooth transition to our health plan and the benefits, services and prescriptions you need. Learn more about transition of care time periods.

What you can do now

  • Visit the Member website to learn more about the many programs and services we offer.
  • Learn about My Molina. It is our member portal where you can manage your health care online.
  • Find a doctor in our network with our online Provider/Pharmacy Directory.
  • Check out Staying Healthy for information and tips on how to keep yourself well.