Contact Information

Passport by Molina Healthcare
5100 Commerce Crossings Drive
Louisville, KY 40229

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Phone Numbers

Main Line Toll Free (844) 847-9951
Member Eligibility Verification (800) 578-0775
Member Services (800) 578-0603
Provider Services (800) 578-0775
Behavioral Health Authorizations (800) 578-0775 
Pharmacy Authorizations (800) 578-0775
Radiology/Transplant Authorizations (855) 714-2415

Fax Numbers

Prior Authorizations - Medical and Behavioral Health Fax (833) 454-0641 
Pharmacy Authorizations Fax (844) 802-1406
Radiology Authorizations Fax (877) 731-7218
Transplant Authorizations Fax (877) 813-1206



Claims Department 

All hard copy (CMS-1500, UB-04) claims must be submitted by mail to the address listed below. Electronically filed claims must use EDI Claims/ Payor ID number - 61325. To verify the status of your claims, please call our Provider Claims Representatives at the numbers listed below. For more information, please reference our Provider Manual.

Address Passport by Molina Healthcare, Inc.
PO Box 36090
Louisville, KY 40233
Phone: (800) 578-0775


Compliance and Fraud AlertLine 

If you suspect cases of fraud or abuse, you must report it to Passport. You may do so by contacting the Passport by Molina Healthcare AlertLine or by submitting an electronic complaint using the website listed below. For more information about fraud and abuse, please see the Compliance section of the Provider Manual.


Passport by Molina Healthcare AlertLine

Phone: (866) 606-3889