Your Member ID Card


When you become a member, you get a Member Identification (ID) Card in the mail from Molina Healthcare.

Please check your Member ID Card to make sure the information is correct. It provides:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth (DOB)
  • Your Molina Healthcare identification number (ID#)
  • Your client identification number (client ID#)
  • Program name (program)
  • Your primary care provider’s (PCP) name (provider)
  • Your PCP office phone number (provider phone)
  • The name of the medical group your provider works with (provider group)
  • Your co-pays if applicable (copays)
  • Additional information:
    • Member Services Department phone number
    • Molina Healthcare’s 24-hour Nurse Advice Line toll-free number for English and Spanish speaking members
    • Authorization Department (for your provider) phone number
    • Claims Address (for your provider)
    • The identifier for Molina Healthcare’s prescription benefit

Be sure to carry your Member ID Card with you at all times

  • It is used by health care providers, such as your provider, pharmacist and hospital to determine if you are eligible for services through Molina Healthcare.
  • You must show it every time you get health care.
  • If you lose your Member ID Card:
  • Go to My Molina and print a temporary Member ID Card and ask to have a new one sent to you.
  • Call Member Services at (888) 483-0760.