What’s Covered through Molina Medicaid

What is covered and what is not covered is the question our members ask first. Here is information on some key benefits and services you can get through Molina Healthcare.

Benefits at a Glance

Boy and doctor smiling
Your quick list of what’s covered under your Utah Molina Medicaid health plan. Learn more.


Doctor checking girls heartbeat
Services to make sure you get quality care. Learn more.

Virtual Care

Connect with a board-certified doctor by phone, video or mobile app at no cost to you. Learn more

Health Management

child high-fiving doctor
Programs to help you manage health conditions. Learn more.

Mental Health

Woman smiling
Molina Healthcare can help you get the care you need. Learn more.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs covered through Molina Healthcare can be found in the Drug List (Formulary). Learn more.


Doctor giving eye exam
Routine eye exams and contact lenses when medically necessary are covered. Learn more.


child brushing teeth
Molina Healthcare does not provide your dental services. We can help you get care. Learn more.