2-1-1 (press 7) Member Hotline

woman talking on headset

AHCCCS and Solari, Inc. have launched a dedicated hotline at 2-1-1 (press 7) for any American Indian Health Program or managed care member who may need help due to the closure of a sober living home or residential facility. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained navigators at the hotline are equipped to help callers with related transportation and immediate housing needs if they’ve been displaced, and to help them find other health care services.

The 2-1-1 (press 7) hotline is hosted by Arizona 211, the community information referral service program administered by Solari, Inc., the state’s 988 and Arizona crisis response vendor. 2-1-1 staff are trained to help individual AHCCCS members and any large groups of members with immediate housing, transportation, and health services needs related to a provider closure. Mobile crisis teams are ready to deploy whenever members need hands-on, immediate behavioral health services.

AHCCCS has alerted tribal, state, and local police departments of this hotline, and has equipped law enforcement agencies with hotline business cards to distribute in their communities.

More resources and a Member Guide for American Indian Health Plan enrollees is available at www.211arizona.org/MMIP.

Member Guide (English and Spanish)

AHCCCS has published a guide for American Indian Health Program members who have been affected by the closure of a sober living home or residential facility. The guide includes health plan contacts, instructions on how to verify providers, and a list of non-emergency medical transportation providers.

The Member Guide is available in English and Spanish, and is linked on the American Indian AHCCCS Members web page.

Reporting Medicaid Fraud and Member Abuse

There is no wrong door to report suspicious activity. AHCCCS works closely with state agencies, the FBI, the Arizona Attorney General, and other responders to investigate fraud and abuse.

Report situations of suspected Medicaid fraud or abuse at (602) 417-4045, AHCCCSFraud@azahcccs.gov, or online at www.azahcccs.gov/ReportFraud.