Looking at what’s new in technology to improve our service to you


Molina Healthcare (Molina) uses a medical review process to rate:

  • A new drug
  • Medical devices
  • Medical rules or procedures
  • Surgical rules or procedures
  • Behavioral health rules or procedures
  • Therapy

We want to make sure that it’s safe. We also want to know if it’s good for a medical symptom or condition. It’s compared to cures. The goals of this process are:

  • To review and update coverage choices as new scientific proofs are found.
  • To review cases in order to decide if it is or not a certain service we should cover.

Molina may deny a drug, device, protocol, procedure or other therapy that’s new. We might say it isn’t medically necessary. If this happens, you can ask us why. You or your doctor can ask for this information. You can have copies of all the rules and procedures we used to make the decision. For information on this process, call Member Services.