Prescription Drugs


Passport uses a Preferred Drug List (PDL), which is a list of covered prescription drugs. It is reviewed and approved by doctors and pharmacists. You must get your prescriptions from a pharmacy that is part of Passport.

Generic drugs must be used when the pharmacy has them. There are drugs that may have a limit on how much you can get at one time. They also may have a limit on its strength. Sometimes you have to try other medicines first before we approve a drug. This is called Step Therapy.

Your doctor knows about:

  • The drugs on the Preferred Drug List (PDL).
  • The drugs that need prior approval.
  • How to process special requests.

In addition:

  • Your doctor will get prior approval for the drugs that need it.
  • Your doctor may want to give you a drug that is not on the PDL.
  • Your doctor will request an approval through Passport’s Pharmacy Department.
  • We will respond to your doctor in (72) hours. If it is the weekend, we will respond the next working day.
  • If the request is approved, we will notify you and your doctor.
  • If a request is denied, a letter will be mailed to you and your doctor.
  • The letter will include the reason for the denial and the appeal rights.
  • If more information is needed from your doctor, your request may be delayed for up to (14) days.

You may be taking a drug that is no longer on our PDL. Your doctor can ask us to keep paying for this drug. They can do this by asking for a prior approval. The drug must be safe and FDA approved for use for a specific and current medical problem.

There are drugs that are not covered. An example would be some drugs for weight loss or cosmetic purposes.

Mail Service Pharmacy
Passport wants to offer you a time saving way to get your medicine. You can get a thirty (30) day supply. Take advantage of your mail service benefit. It is easy!

Member Handbook
It tells you what you need to know about Passport Health Plan. Read more.

How do members get care?
Your doctor will work with Passport to decide which drugs are best for you. Call Member Services at (800) 578-0603 to:

  • Get a copy of the Preferred Drug List.
  • Get information about prescription drugs.
  • Find out if a drug is covered.
  • Find out how to appeal a decision.

Passport has contracts with certain pharmacies. You must get your drugs at one of these pharmacies. If you need to find a pharmacy that is part of Passport, you may call Member Services or Find a Pharmacy near you today.

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