Member Handbook
It tells you what you need to know about your Molina Healthcare of Kentucky Medicaid Health Plan. Read here.

Emergency Transportation: 
If you need emergency transportation (an ambulance), call 911. 

Non- Emergency Transportation: 
Non-emergency medical transportation is available if you can’t get a free ride to a covered service.

How to Get Non-Emergency Transportation: 

Kentucky Medicaid will pay to take some members to get medical services covered by Kentucky Medicaid. If you need a ride, you must talk to the transportation broker in your county to schedule a trip. 

Each county in Kentucky has a transportation broker. You can only use the transportation broker for a ride if you can’t use your own car or don’t have one. If you can’t use your car, you have to get a note for the transportation broker that explains why you can’t use your car. If you need a ride from a transportation broker and you or someone in your household has a car, you can: 

Get a doctor’s note that says you can’t drive 
Get a note from your mechanic if your car doesn’t run 
Get a note from the boss or school official if your car is needed for someone else’s work or school 
Get a copy of the registration if your car is junked 
Kentucky Medicaid doesn’t cover rides to pick up prescriptions 

For a list of transportation brokers and their contact information, please visit the website www.chfs or call Kentucky Medicaid at (800) 635-2570. For more information about transportation services, call the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet at (888) 941-7433.

The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET and Saturday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET. If you need a ride, you have to call 72 hours before the time that you need the ride. If you have to cancel an appointment, call your broker as soon as possible to cancel the ride. 

You should always try to go to a medical facility that is close to you. If you need medical care from someone outside your service area, you have to get a note from your PCP. The note has to say why it is important for you to travel outside your area. (Your area is your county and the counties next to it).

If you have an emergency and need an ambulance, you must call 911.