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Getting the right health care is about:

  • Having regular checkups to stay healthy
  • Seeking help when you are sick
  • Being able to visit a provider you trust with all your health care needs


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2024 Provider Directory

Molina Healthcare follows Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) time and distance standards for our Network of providers. This means that Molina is required to have certain provider types that practice close to a members home. This way members do not have to travel too far to see a doctor. Please see below link to the DHCS time and distance standards:

Network Certification Attachment A

There are rural service areas where some provider types may not be available. In these cases, Molina is required to report these zip codes and provider types to DHCS for an alternative access standard. Please see below for the current Alternative Access Requests by County.

Annual Network Certification Compliance Report

Alternative Access Standard by County & Zip Code

If your zip code and provider type are listed, Molina must help you find an appointment. You have a right to call member services to get help with finding an appointment to a closer specialist.

Medi-Cal Member Services Phone Number:
Phone: (888) 665-4621
Fax: (310) 507-6186
TTY/TDD: 711

If Molina cannot find you an appointment with a closer specialist, Molina will arrange transportation to see the specialist.