Enhanced Care Management (ECM)

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Enhanced Care Management (ECM) is an intensive care management program that provides extra support to get the care you need by coordinating with your doctors. It also helps connect you with resources in the community that may be helpful. ​

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Community Supports (CS)

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Community Supports (CS) are services or settings that may be offered in place of other covered services or settings. These services are an alternative option for you if you qualify and may better suit your needs. Learn more.

Major Organ Transplant (MOT)

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Major Organ Transplant (MOT) Effective January 1, 2022, Major Organ Transplant (MOT) became a benefit for adult transplant recipients and donors, and includes related services such as organ procurement and living donor care. If your doctor decides that you may need a major organ transplant, Molina will assist with getting the services you need, starting with an evaluation.​

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