Renewing Your Benefits

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Don’t Lose State Insurance for You or Your Child

With Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin, you get free or low-cost state insurance for things like doctor visits, medicines, vision, dental, and hospital stays. To keep getting this, you must renew your coverage with the State every year. If you do not renew, you may have to pay full price for these health benefits!

Act now. Renew when it’s your time.

You can only renew when it’s your renewal month. To find out your renewal month, call Covering Wisconsin at (877) 842-6837 or follow the instructions on this webpage:

Once you know your renewal month, you can do one of these three things to renew:

Online:  Go to with a smartphone or computer. This is the fastest way to renew. For help, you can follow the steps on

By mail:  Complete and return the renewal packet sent to you by the State.

In person or by phone: Call Covering Wisconsin at 2-1-1. They can help you find and set up an appointment with your local Income Maintenance Agency.

Not sure if you're eligible? Even if you don’t think you will qualify, you should still try to renew. You might be able to get Medicare or other low-cost options. Visit, email us, or call (877) 373-8966 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Thanks for being a Molina member. Let’s keep working together!