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Receiving the right health care is about:

  • Having regular checkups to stay healthy
  • Seeking help when you are sick
  • Being able to visit a provider you can trust with all your health care needs


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You may also visit and choose your correct Plan/Program name. Or, call us at (888) 999-2404 (TTY: 711).  

Notice: Molina is now available in these new Wisconsin counties: Adams, Chippewa, Columbia, Eau Claire, Green, Iowa, Juneau, Richland, Rock and Sauk.

Here are just a few of the hospitals and providers in this area that are in our network:

  • Beloit Health Systems
  • Edgerton Hospital
  • Familia Dental
  • Group Health Cooperative
  • Memorial Hospital of Lafayette
  • Mercy Health (SSI only)
  • Mile Bluff Medical Center
  • OakLeaf Clinics
  • Pine Valley Integrated Services
  • Richland Hospital Clinic
  • Stoughton Health
  • ThedaCare
  • Upland Hills Health
  • UW Health


You can also download a PDF version of our Provider Directory here.