Molina Mobile App

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Manage your health care anytime, anywhere.

Sign into the Molina App with your MyMolina ID number and password. Get secure access to:

  • View your Molina Member ID Card
  • Find a doctor near you with Doctor Finder
  • Use the Urgent Care Finder
  • Call the 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line
  • Use the Symptom Checker
  • Find your Favorite Doctor Option
  • Use Face ID Recognition


How to download Molina Mobile

  1. Use the link to the app on the App Store or on Google Play.
  2. Find the app on your Apple or Android smartphones.
         ✓ Open the App Store or Google Play Store
         ✓ Search "MolinaHealthcare"
         ✓ Download the Molina Mobile App
  3. Scan the QR Code:

Molina Mobile App QR Code

Register for the MyMolina member portal here: