Health Risk Assessment

doctor showing patient a chart
Attention: Healthy Kentucky Plan Members

It’s best to visit your Primary Care Provider (PCP) within 120 days of enrolling with Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare and once a year after that for your annual physical. If you have a chronic health condition, you should visit your doctor twice a year to help manage that condition, and of course when you are sick for any other reason.  Passport is here to support your healthcare needs.

Completing a
Health Risk Assessment (HRA) will allow us to better understand your unique needs so we can connect you with additional supports and services you might need. 

Return your completed HRA to Passport Health Plan at or to:

5100 Commerce Crossings Drive
Louisville, KY 40229

If we do not receive your HRA, don’t worry, Passport will reach out to you to complete your HRA within 30 days of enrollment and annually thereafter.