Pharmacy Q&A

pharmacist with patient

Q. What is a drug formulary (list of drugs)?

A. Do you ever worry about how much your prescription drug will cost? Did you know that Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare has a list of drugs that it pays for? This is called a drug formulary. If you use a drug on the list, Passport will pay for it. There may be co-pays for some prescription drugs.


Q. What drugs are on the formulary?

A. There are many drugs on the formulary list. There is at least one drug for each type of disease. Some types of disease are asthma, diabetes or ear infections. For each type of disease, we will cover at least one drug and sometimes many more to help treat your medical needs. The list also contains both brand and generic-named drugs. Generic drugs work the same way as the brand-name drug. We may cover both types or just one. But either way, we will pay for medicine that treats your condition!  To get a copy of all the drugs we cover, call MedImpact Member Services at (800) 210-7628, TTY: 711 or visit


Q. What if my drug is not on the formulary list?

A. If you find out that your drug is not on the list, call MedImpact Member Services at (800) 210-7628, TTY:711Ask them to make sure that your drug is not on the formulary. If they say it is not on the list, don't worry! First, ask your doctor if you can switch to another drug that we do cover. You can give your doctor a list of the drugs we pay for. He or she may find another drug on the list that treats your medical condition the same way. For a copy of the list, click here. If there is no other drug on the list that will help, don't worry. We may still cover a drug not on the list! In this case, your doctor must fill out a prior authorization form and send it to us. Your doctor will tell us why this is the only drug that will work for you. We will review the form. If we approve it, we will pay for your drug. So, you can still access the drug benefit, even if your drug is not on the list!