Autism Services

Molina’s Autism/Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Program wants to help you and/or your child get access to recommended care. This is one of the most widely accepted therapies for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Our program can help you:

  • Access additional services, resources and supports needed
  • Work with you and your providers
  • Locate a provider that offers ABA therapy


The Autism/ABA Program consists of five stages:

  1. Recommendations for an autism evaluation
  2. Referral to a Center of Excellence (COE) for an autism evaluation
  3. Qualification for ABA treatment determined through the comprehensive COE evaluation
  4. Intake assessment and treatment planning for ABA therapy
  5. Request for services made by an ABA provider


If you are interested in receiving ABA therapy for your child or yourself, you will find that most providers have a wait list. To ensure you or your child receives ABA therapy as quickly as possible, we recommend adding your name or your child’s name to all available wait lists of your choice.

This is a no cost program. If you want to be a part of this program or receive a list of contracted ABA providers, please let us know. Translation services are available. Please call or email us at:
(509) 321-1365 (TTY 711
Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If your call goes to voice mail, please leave your name and phone number. Let us know the best time and day to reach you. If you have a new address or phone number, log onto or call Washington Apple Health at (800) 562-3022. You could miss important information if this is not done.

NOTE: The above contact information is for Washington members only.  If you live in another state, please call the number on your ID card.