Apple Health (Medicaid) Renewals


To keep your Apple Health coverage, you need to renew once a year.


How do I renew my Apple Health coverage?


What information do I need to renew my coverage?

  • For every person in your household:
    • Social Security number
    • Birthdate
    • Income information (for adults or minors age 14+ who are required to file a tax return)
  • If you are renewing for a documented immigrant who needs health care coverage:
    • Passport, alien card, or other immigration number


How often do I need to renew my coverage?

You need to renew your Apple Health coverage every 12 months.


Where can I get help with completing my application?

If you need assistance, email Molina at or call us at (866) 916-0916. We’re here to help!


What if you no longer qualify for Medicaid healthcare benefits?

If you no longer qualify for Medicaid, you can save on benefits like free annual exams and virtual care, as well as protect your health with a great network of local providers—all with a Molina Marketplace plan. Call 844-802-7472 to learn more. 

If you are turning 65 or have certain disabilities, you may qualify for Medicare whether or not you are still eligible for Medicaid.  We offer Medicare Advantage plans which include all Original Medicare benefits and much more.  If you currently are eligible or may become eligible for Medicare, call 866-403-8293, TTY/TDD: 711.  You can add on Molina Medicare even if you are still eligible for Medicaid.