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Care Management

Integrated Case Management at Affinity Health Plan is dedicated to providing members with exceptional services and support. Our group is comprised of both licensed and non-licensed professionals experienced in managing the health of our members.

We offer an array of Case Management Services:

Complex Case Management

The Complex Case Management team is comprised of nurses, social workers, and licensed mental health clinicians. Using a holistic case management approach, the team helps members remove the barriers preventing them from having optimal health.

Transitions of Care Case Management

The nurses and social workers of the Transitions of Care team are skilled in helping members with inpatient admissions. Whether acutely ill in a hospital setting or requiring critical rehabilitation, our team is prepared to support our members and providers through this transition period to ensure a safe discharge. Our team also offers post-discharge follow-up for 30 days to ensure doctor appointments are confirmed; medications have been prescribed and filled, and additional care at home is scheduled to assist with a successful transition to home and to avoid readmission.

Chronic Care Case Management

Licensed and non-licensed staff make up the Chronic Care Case Management, which is dedicated to managing our members’ chronic illness and ensuring their access to needed services and support.

These services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing education about a member’s disease/condition
  • Working with a member’s doctor to help manage ongoing or chronic symptoms
  • Assisting with medication management, including taking medications regularly and receiving medications as prescribed
  • Helping with financial assistance to buy food and medications
  • Identifying community resources and connecting members and their families to housing resources and other basic needs
  • Assisting with transportation needs
  • Helping to schedule medical appointments in a physician’s office, at home and/or through telemedicine

Integrated Case Management services are free to our members. If you are interested, please call 888.438.1915 to be connected to a case manager today.