Timely access to care: what should I expect when making an appointment? 

When you call to make an appointment, you can expect the wait times below. Your wait will depend on the reason you need to see a provider. The list below provides visit types, reasons for visits, and wait times. Be sure to ask for the right type of visit.

Visit Type Reason for Visit See a Provider Within
Preventative Visit Annual check-up to prevent illnesses or chronic conditions 30 calendar days
School Physical To check overall health. May be required for school or other organizations. 30 calendar days
Symptomatic (sick) Visit Illnesses or conditions like ear infections, colds or minor wounds *Two calendar days
Urgent Care Urgent, but non-life-threatening conditions needing care within 24 hours 12 hours
Emergency Care A life-threatening medical condition that needs immediate treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
*Check with your provider about getting care after business hours. 

Molina conducts an annual survey to be sure providers can serve you within the appropriate wait time. We are meeting these goals:

  • 98% of primary care physicians can see Molina members within 48 hours for urgent care appointments
  • 100% of primary care physicians can see Molina members within 30 days for preventative visits
  • 98% of primary care physicians can see Molina members within two calendar days for symptomatic or sick visits