Transportation Services


Non-emergency medical transportation services are not covered by Molina Healthcare. They may be covered by Utah State Fee for Service. Call Utah State Medicaid (800) 662-9651 for more information.

How do I get to the hospital in an emergency?

If you have a serious medical problem and it is not safe to drive to the emergency room, call 911. Utah Medicaid covers emergency medical transportation.

How do I get to the doctor when it is not an emergency and I cannot drive? ?

Medicaid can help you get to the doctor when it is not an emergency. To get this kind of help you must:

  • Have Traditional Medicaid on the date the transportation is needed
  • Have a medical reason for the transportation
  • Call the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) (800) 662-9651 to find out if you can get help with transportation


What type of transportation is covered under my Medicaid?

  • UTA Bus Pass, including Trax (Front Runner and Express Bus Routes are not included): ): If you are able to ride a bus, call DWS to ask if your Medicaid program covers a bus pass. The pass will come in the mail. Show your Medicaid Member Card and bus pass to the driver.
  • UTA Flextrans: Special bus services for Medicaid clients who live in Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber counties. You may use Flextrans if:
    • You are not physically or mentally able to use a regular bus
    • You have filled out a UTA application form to let them know you have a disability that makes it so you cannot ride a regular bus. You can get the form by calling:
    • You have been approved to use special bus services and have a Special Medical Transportation Card.
  • LogistiCare: Non-emergency door-to-door service for medical appointments and urgent care. You may be eligible for LogistiCare if:
    • There is not a working vehicle in your household
    • Your physical disabilities make it so you are not able to ride a UTA bus or Flextrans
    • Your doctor has completed a LogistiCare form.

When approved, you can arrange for this service by calling LogistiCare at: (855) 563-4403. You must make reservations with LogistiCare three business days before your appointment. Urgent care does not require a three-day reservation. LogistiCare will call your doctor to make sure the problem was urgent. Eligible members will be able to receive services from LogistiCare statewide.

Can I get help if I must drive long distances?

  • Mileage Refund:Talk to a Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) worker if you have questions about a mileage refund. You will only be refunded if there is NOT a cheaper way for you to get to your doctor.
  • Overnight Costs:In some cases, when overnight stays are needed to get medical treatment, Utah State Medicaid may pay for overnight costs. The cost includes lodging and food. Overnight costs are rarely paid in advance. Contact a DWS worker to find out what overnight costs may be covered by your Medicaid program.