Tips for successful provider visits

doctor and patient talking

Making a plan before you go see your provider can help you make the most of your visit whether you are seeing a new doctor or a doctor you've seen for years. The following tips can help make it easier for you and your provider to cover everything you need to talk about. 

If you are a “walk-in” patient:

  • Always take your Molina Healthcare ID card and any other health plan card you may have to each visit.
  • Keep in mind that your provider may not be able to see you until he/she has seen others who have appointments.
  • You may be given the choice of seeing another provider at the office if your provider cannot see you.

Before your visit: 

  • Write down any questions you would like to ask your provider. 
  • Bring your medicines to review with your provider. 
  • If you have not been feeling well, make a list of your symptoms. 

At your visit: 

  • Get to your provider’s office 15 minutes early. You may need to fill out forms. 
  • Please be patient if your provider is running late. 
  • Tell your provider your concerns and symptoms as best as you can. 
  • Ask your provider about ways to improve your health. 
  • Ask your provider about treatment options. 
  • Ask your provider to explain anything you don’t understand. 
  • Make sure your provider answers all your questions before you leave. 
  • Your provider may refer you to a specialist or other health care provider. 
  • Ask if you will need to schedule the visit. Ask for his/her phone number.