Q. How do I change my primary care provider (PCP)?

A. There are two ways you can change your PCP.

  1. Go to MyMolina and follow the instructions. If you have not registered for MyMolina yet, you can do it online today.
  2. You can also call Member Services at (888) 898-7969, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Q. How often should I see my primary care provider (PCP)?

A. See your PCP within 120 days of enrolling with Molina.

Q. Are there any co-pays or fees with Healthy Michigan Plan?


A. The MI Health Account is a special health care account for Healthy Michigan Plan members in a health plan. The MI Health Account is used to keep track of your health care costs and payments for your health care. You may have payments due to the MI Health Account for contributions and/or co-payments. MI Health Account Quarterly Statements will show the total co-pays and/or contributions due over the next 3 months. The first quarterly statement is mailed 6 months after joining a health plan. Statements are not sent if there are no health care services used or amounts due.

Members with yearly incomes between 100.99% and 133% of the federal poverty level may be required to pay 2% of their income for cost sharing. This is called a contribution amount. If you owe any cost sharing (contributions and/or co-payments), you will receive a MI Health Account (MIHA) Quarterly Statement from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 

Cost sharing (contributions and/or co-payments) cannot go over 5% of your income. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will keep track of this for you. MI Health Account Quarterly Statements will show you services you have received and/or any amounts due. Once you receive this notice, you may have to send a monthly payment, in the requested amount.

The Molina Healthy MI Plan has co-pays. Most co-pays will be paid to Molina Healthcare through the MI Health Account. Co-pays will not be collected until after your first 6 months of enrollment with Molina Healthcare. The co-pay amounts due will be on your MI Health Account Quarterly Statements. If you choose healthy behaviors, you may receive a reduction to the amount due to the MI Health Account. Drugs that are not covered by Molina Healthcare, but covered by Medicaid, are subject to Medicaid co-pays.

For a list of co-pays for covered services, please visit your Member Handbook.


Q. What drugs are covered? Are my drugs covered?

A. To find out what drugs are covered under your plan, view the Molina Healthcare Drug List (Formulary) for your plan in What’s Covered.

Q. How do I find out if a health care service or benefit is covered?

A. Go to What’s Covered to find out about your benefits and services. You can also call Member Services at (888) 898-7969.

Q. How can I get Molina Healthcare material translated in my preferred language?

A. If you need your health plan information in a different language or format, call Member Services at (888) 898-7969.

Q. What kind of transportation do I get? I need help with transportation.

A. Go to What’s Covered and you will find information about transportation under Services. You can also call Member Services at (888) 898-7969.