Grievance and Appeals

Are you having problems with your medical care or our services? If so, you have a right to file a grievance or appeal.

A grievance can be filed when you are unhappy with your care. Some examples are:

  • The care you get from your provider;
  • The time it takes to get an appointment or be seen by a provider or;
  • The providers you can choose for care.


An appeal can be filed when you do not agree with Molina Medicare’s decision to:

  • Stop, suspend, reduce or deny a service or;
  • Deny payment for services provided.


To learn more, click on one of the links below:


All appeals and grievances, forms and associated services are available free of charge.

Molina Medicare wants you to have access to the grievance process. We will provide you with help through each step.
For any other questions, Please call Member Services