Prior Authorizations

What are Prior Authorizations?
Prior authorization is when your provider gets approval from Molina Healthcare to provide you a service. It is needed before you can get certain services or drugs. If prior authorization is needed for a certain service, your provider must get it before giving you the service.

Molina Healthcare does not require prior authorization for all services. It is not required for a visit to your primary care provider, going to the emergency room or for many other covered services.

Review Process
Many services are covered and do not need prior authorization. However, some services do need one. For a prior authorization, a provider must contact Molina Healthcare to request the services they would like you to receive. Molina Healthcare will review the request and let the provider know if the service is approved.

Only your provider can request a prior authorization to Molina Healthcare. You cannot request one. This is done to make sure that you get the right care.

You need a prior authorization to make sure that the care and services you receive are medically necessary. Here are some services you may need that require a prior authorization:


  • Home health care
  • Physical therapy
  • Wheelchairs and walkers


If a prior authorization request is denied, your provider can ask us to review the request again. This is called a reconsideration. Your provider has up to 30 days to ask for this.

If a prior authorization request is denied and the reconsideration is denied, your provider can submit an appeal. Learn more about the appeal process.

Services that Need Prior Authorization

Click here to view the list of services that need prior authorization. You can also learn more in your Member Handbook. To view recent changes to this list, click here



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