Telehealth Appointments

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Molina Healthcare of Ohio offers telehealth appointments for you to talk with your doctor virtually. A telehealth visit with your doctor is like an in-person appointment, but telehealth visits are done by telephone or video. Your talks will be the same. Just like in a doctor's office, you may speak with a nurse or medical assistant first. You may also have to wait to see your doctor in a virtual waiting room.

To get ready for a telehealth visit, you need:

  • A reliable cell phone, smart device, or computer with audio or webcam for video. If your cell phone can take a “selfie,” then it usually can be used for a telehealth visit. You might use a smart phone, laptop with webcam, iPad, or other device.
  • A current email address.
  • The app used by the office. You should download this before the visit or be able to get a text message or email. Your doctor might use Doximity, DrFirst, eClinicalWorks, Jabber, Teams, Unity PHM, or another service for the visit.

To learn more about telehealth appointments:

Click here to read tips on how to prepare for your telehealth visit and what to expect.

For help joining a video visit using an iPhone or Android Smart phone, click here. This tip sheet from the Institute for Family Health also includes help with using your camera and microphone on desktop browsers.