Medicaid Renewals

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You must renew your Medicaid eligibility with your local County Department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS) every 12 months or you will lose your benefits. This renewal process is called Medicaid Redetermination.

How do I renew my Medicaid eligibility?

There are 4 ways to renew your benefits:

  • Online: Go to and click “Manage Benefits.”
    1. Log in to your self-service portal account. If you don’t have an account, click “sign up” to create one.
    2. Click “Link My Case(s).”
    3. Select “Renew My Benefits.”
    4. Complete the necessary steps to submit your renewal.
  • By Phone: Call the Medicaid Hotline at 800-324-8680, option 8. For TTY, call 800-292-3572.
    • You can also call the Molina Benefits Renewal team for help. We can answer your questions while you fill out your paper or online renewal form. Call 877-373-8972 (TTY 711), between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday.
  • By Mail: Fill out the form you received in the mail and send it to your local CDJFS. You can find the address on the front page of the letter or on the County Agency Directory.
  • In Person: Visit your local CDJFS to drop off your forms in a drop box. Bring the documents you need to report your income and fill out a form in person when the office is open.


Need help filling out your renewal form?

Call the Molina Benefits Renewal team at 877-373-8972 (TTY 711), between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday. We can answer your questions while you fill out your paper or online form. Make sure you have all the information you need to fill out the form when you call. See the “What information do I need to renew my benefits?” section below.

What if I need a ride to the CDJFS Office?

You may use your Molina Dual Options MyCare Ohio (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) transportation benefit to schedule a ride to your local CDJFS office. To schedule a ride, call 844-491-4761 TTY: 711 at any time. Call at least 48 hours before you need a ride.

How often do I need to renew my Medicaid benefits?

You need to renew your Medicaid benefits every 12 months.

What information do I need to renew my benefits?

To renew your benefits, you need:

  • Employer and income information for you and everyone in your family. This includes pay stubs, W-2 forms, or wage and tax statements.
  • Information about job-related insurance available to you and your family.
  • Social Security Numbers for newborns (where not previously submitted) or document numbers for legal immigrants who need insurance.


If you do not give enough information to determine your eligibility, the CDJFS will ask you for more information. You will keep your Medicaid-covered benefits until the CDJFS decides whether or not you are eligible for continued benefits.

What happens after I report my income?

The form will be processed and you will hear back from the CDJFS within 45 days. You will get instructions from your local CDJFS on the next steps to complete the renewal process.

If you do not hear back after 45 days, call your local CDJFS or the Ohio Medicaid Hotline at 800-324-8680.

Who can help me renew my Medicaid benefits?

Your local CDJFS office can help you renew your benefits. They collect and process your information. They decide if you still qualify for benefits. Click here to find your local CDJFS.

Additional resources():


Molina can help you by answering your questions while you fill out the renewal form. Call the Molina Benefits Renewal team at 877-373-8972 (TTY 711), between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

What if I didn’t report my income in time and I lost my benefits?

If you did not report your income before your Medicaid Renewal deadline, you will get a termination letter from the CDJFS. The termination letter will tell you that you no longer get Medicaid benefits.

You have 90 days from the date your Medicaid terminates to renew your Medicaid benefits. See “How do I renew my Medicaid eligibility?” above to find out how to renew your benefits.

If you do not submit your Medicaid Redetermination paperwork in the 90 days after your Medicaid Renewal deadline, you will no longer be eligible to go through the Medicaid Redetermination process. You must re-apply for Medicaid benefits.

What if my Medicaid benefits were ended by mistake?

If you think your benefits were ended by mistake, you can ask the Ohio Department of Medicaid to review their termination decision. This is called an appeal. You can find out how to appeal by calling the Ohio Department of Medicaid at 800-324-8680. Your eligibility and other important information will be explained to you.

I receive waiver services and missed my Medicaid renewal date. What should I do?

If you are a Molina MyCare Ohio Medicaid member, contact your Care Manager and Waiver Services Coordinator right away. Changes to your Medicaid coverage may impact how you get your needed health services.

What if I don’t qualify for Medicaid and still need help?

You may qualify for other health insurance. The Health Insurance Marketplace is a great way to get health insurance for less. To learn more about Marketplace, go to or call 800-318-2596 TTY: 855-889-4325 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except holidays).

What should I do if my income changes?

If your income changes at any time, you must report this to your local CDJFS within 10 days. Changes of income can include the following:

  • One-time gifts or payments
  • Change in hourly wage or salary
  • Change in full-time or part-time status
  • Gain or loss of employment


If you do not report your income, you may lose your benefits and will be responsible for any bills that were paid either by Molina MyCare Ohio Medicaid or the Ohio Department of Medicaid.