Molina Peer Support Program

Molina provides Peer Support Services for members starting a journey to recovery from mental illness or addiction.

The goal of the Peer Support program is to use Motivational Interviewing to help a member prepare for treatment. Motivational Interviewing is a goal-focused style of communication. It is used to strengthen personal motivation and explore a person’s own reasons for change. and the program also uses other solution-focused practices.

This program helps members manage their chronic behavioral health conditions. Molina offers Peer Support services to members on top of Care Management services. Our Peer Support Specialists do outreach and engagement activities with members who have a mental health or substance use disorder diagnosis due to an inpatient or ER visit. Often, these members are not yet linked to outpatient mental health or substance use disorder services.

Molina has 2 Ohio Mental Health Advocacy Services (MHAS) certified Peer Support Specialists on staff. They have experience in managing mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Our Peer Support Specialists are skilled at helping members find their reasons for treatment using Motivational Interviewing. The Peer Support Specialists also have lived experience with recovery. This helps them connect with members and provide hope.